HUBER+SUHNER (H+S) signed a strategic cooperation and board-to-board connectivity collaboration agreement with Huada Technology Co., Ltd. (853 factory). Thilo Koeppe, managing director of HUBER+SUHNER NAS, Sales Director James Huang; Sun Weilong, general manager of Xijing company, Wang Zhiyin, chairman of Huada as well as General Manager Fan Junwei attended the signing ceremony at the Huada premises in X’ian.

As the world's leading RF interconnect product manufacturer, HUBER+SUHNER has a strong technical and product knowledge in coaxial connectors, RF and microwave cables, E-/V-Band antennas, RF microwave devices etc., while Huada is a core national enterprise for the development and production of RF coaxial connectors and the formulation of national standards. Both parties reached consensus and signed a cooperation agreement on board-to-board connectors, high-end microwave cable and intense market cooperation. H+S authorized Huada to produce and sell MBX connectors for specific customers; H+S provides technical support as well as high performance microwave cable assemblies to Huada including aerospace and defense as well as other high-end products. Both parties committed to mutually work on three levels of excellence: customer, market and cooperation.

H+S and Huada offer numerous complementary advantages on products, markets as well as technology level. The signing of the agreement formed a strong framework of future cooperation. Both parties committed to continuously foster the strategic win-win cooperation, to establish a more extensive cooperation mechanism built upon mutual trust and to assure a reliable in long-term strategic partnership. This cooperation is of utmost significance to the development of both parties and will greatly benefit both customers and markets.