Fabless, mobile filter start-up Resonant Inc. announced that samples of a full band 41 (2496 to 2690 MHz) filter with high power handling are available from one of its customers.

The HiPower™ filter, which complements an earlier design, improves insertion loss, increasing battery life, and power handling, extending coverage.

The filter’s performance is shown in the table:

Frequency (MHz)

Insertion Loss (dB)

Power Handling (dBm)










The HiPower filter meets the high power handset requirements for U.S. and Chinese carriers and may be suitable for network infrastructure applications. Covering the full band enables a single SKU global phone model.

Band 41 is considered one of the most challenging and complex bands for filter designs, given the large, 194 MHz passband and need to reject the neighboring Wi-Fi band to prevent interference.

According to Resonant, one of its foundry partners is offering samples for evaluation and can support immediate mass production.

George Holmes, CEO of Resonant, said, “This new Band 41 HiPower design delivers significantly enhanced performance over the Band 41 TDD design we announced at the end of October, providing for a single worldwide SKU.”

Resonant designs surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters that are fabricated by third-party foundries. The company's business model is based on earning royalties from production shipments of Resonant designs. Resonant is targeting the market for filters in smartphones, which is growing faster than smartphone volume because of the increasing number of frequency bands and use of carrier aggregation to increase data rates.