5G Americas has published "Spectrum Landscape for Mobile Services," a comprehensive technology whitepaper about the spectrum environment and future requirements for mobile services below and above 6 GHz. The whitepaper recommends action by regulatory and standards organizations to make specific spectrum bands available for 5G.

In the document, 5G Americas analyzes the spectrum needed for various mobile services use cases, provides insight into the possible allocation of spectrum by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for 5G and examines sharing, integration and allocation issues that will pave the way for a connected world.

The benefits of global harmonization are not limited to situations where all regions have identical spectrum allocations. Benefits can also be derived from “tuning range” solutions, in which adjacent or nearly adjacent bands can be considered harmonized so long as equipment can be reconfigured to operate over multiple bands. 5G Americas suggests that policymakers consider not only frequencies that can be allocated domestically, but also possibilities provided by these global tuning range solutions. Based on early 5G strategic plans described in the white paper, there are several possibilities for global harmonization: 3.3 to 4.2, 24.25 to 29.5 and 37 to 43.5 GHz.

Chris Pearson, the president of 5G Americas, said, “Countries and regions that want to be leaders in the new 5G wireless era will need to provide more licensed spectrum available to the mobile wireless industry. The time is now for the planning and allocation of harmonized spectrum in low, mid and high bands to help progress 5G.”

The 5G Americas' whitepaper captures the scope of the most important spectrum topics relevant to 5G, such as:

  • Spectrum needs for 5G applications
  • Spectrum landscape for mobile services
  • International spectrum harmonization
  • Opportunities for harmonization
  • Necessary actions: regulatory, standards, industry

"Spectrum Landscape for Mobile Services" was written by co-leaders Ahmad Armand and Scott F. Migaldi of T-Mobile USA and other 5G Americas member companies.

Download the whitepaper here.