Test sourcing specialist Microlease/Livingston continues to strengthen its commercial operations in the key markets of Central Europe, with the appointment of a new sales director for the DACH countries. Michael Prax has been given the task of building the Microlease/Livingston customer base in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – developing its presence in key sectors such as automotive, semiconductor, avionics and defense, as well as consolidating its extensive presence in the telecom sector.

Prax brings considerable industry experience with him, having spent over 25 years’ in the EMEA test and measurement business. Previously he held high-level management positions at Tektronix, Ametek and JDSU (now known as Viavi). In addition to supporting existing clients, an important aspect of his work will be educating companies located in the region about the merits of employing more sophisticated test sourcing strategies that maximize available budget. This will allow them to thereby ensure that they are ready for technological advances in relation to Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), next generation semiconductor processes, etc.

As Prax explained, “We need to show that the changing technology landscape means that traditional practices are becoming increasingly outdated. Rather than just simply buying items of test equipment without any real visibility as to what their utilization will be in the long term and how test requirements may change, companies must make sure they are fully aware of the many different sourcing options now available to them.”


He concluded. “By making use of the various services offered my Microlease/Livingston, companies can benefit from greater flexibility and mitigate potential risks. Access can be gained to the latest equipment models on a fully future-proof, pay-per-use basis, without exposure to hidden costs or any upfront investment being required.”

Through Microlease/Livingston a broad array of different cost-effective sourcing methods can be utilized in order to find the best fit for a customer’s specific technical and budgetary criteria. These include short term renting, long term leasing and rent-to-buy, as well as the purchase of brand new equipment or certified pre-owned (CPO) equipment. In addition, a comprehensive state-of-the-art asset management system enables customers to have visibility with regard to the entire portfolio of test equipment across multiple sites (covering current location, condition, calibration status, maintenance needs, ongoing utilization levels, etc.).