At Mobile World Congress Americas, Taoglas announced that it is launching a new RF filter division targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile applications. The new division will feature a range of off-the-shelf filters, including emerging license-free bands used for IoT and L1/L2 and L1/L5 GNSS applications. Taoglas will also develop custom filters for customers.

Taoglas offers high pass, low pass, bandpass, notch and diplex filters manufactured using a range of filter technologies, including

  • Ceramic dielectric filters (discrete and monoblock)
  • Low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) filters
  • Integrated passive device (IPD) filters
  • Surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters

Taoglas filters are manufactured in Taoglas’ production facilities in Taiwan and shipped worldwide, and the filters are available through Taoglas' sales and distribution channels. Support is available from any Taoglas location.

Dermot O’Shea, co-CEO at Taoglas, said, “Today’s mobile and IoT applications require high performance RF filters, in a form factor and cost that makes sense for our customers. We’ve seen the frustrations our own engineers have had in quickly sourcing reliable components for active antenna and electronic designs. Taoglas is eliminating that frustration with its own filter division, applying the same principles for success that we’ve demonstrated with our antenna business.”

To learn more about Taoglas’ new filters division, visit Taoglas' website.