Skyworks introduced the SKY12239-11, a voltage-controlled variable attenuator (VVA) with broadband, flat attenuation and a high third-order input intercept point (IIP3). The device was designed to cover 10 MHz to 1.5 GHz and was optimized for use as a wide dynamic range, ultra-low distortion attenuator.

This VVA is well-suited for use in automatic power leveling or gain control circuits in military radio, wireless infrastructure, CATV and broad market applications. The SKY12239-11, comprised of four matched PIN diodes that are biased using an external control voltage, has monotonic attenuation over its entire control voltage range from 1 to 5 V. The attenuator requires no external components.

The VVA has the following typical performance at 700 MHz:

  • Low insertion loss for improved transceiver efficiency, typically 2.5 dB
  • Maximum attenuation of 40 dB, requiring 2 mA control current
  • High IIP3 of +50 dBm and a 1 dB input compression point of 40 dBm
  • Input and output return loss at maximum attenuation of 28 and 27 dB, respectively.

The SKY12239-11 is packaged in an 8-pin, 3.8 mm x 3.8 mm x 1 mm MCM.