Per Vices has released a new “Build Your Own SDR” tool that will transform the software defined radio (SDR) client experience. The application offers real-time hardware estimates based on user defined performance criteria. This allows users to specify their environmental, RF, digital, and application specifications and receive an instant cost estimate with the ability to submit the request for further discussion.

This approach is driven by the high demand for custom built, application specific, wireless platforms across the defence, infrastructure, radar, aerospace, satellite, and communication markets. It allows the client to make selections to see the direct impact on cost, enabling a true global optimum for designs.

Per Vices is able to leverage existing modular designs and extensive experience in designing and building wireless systems, to provide cost effetive, reliable, and rapid turn around solutions for customers. The options available for customization are further enhanced by the tool with nearly any modifications to mechanical form factor, interfaces, ports, user interfaces, RF specifications, FPGA/firmware, software, and support services available.

To view the application and submit any questions/queries about custom designs, please visit