Broadband Power Amplifier Module
This octave bandwidth L-band power amplifier module provides 15 W with an instantaneous bandwidth of 1 to 2 GHz and a small-signal gain of 12 dB. The amplifier module can be operated in either class A as a linear amplifier with an output power of 10 W or in class B with a typical efficiency of 55 percent and 15 W of output power. Input/output SWR is less than 1.45. The hermetically sealed drop-in module includes removable SMA female connectors and measures 2.25" x 1.50" x 0.40", excluding connectors.
ITS Electronics Inc., Concord, Ontario, Canada (905) 660-0405.

2 - 22 GHz Ultrabroadband Amplifier
The model JCA222-B01 ultrabroadband amplifier for electronic warfare and electronic countermeasure applications covers the 2 to 22 GHz frequency range with a minimum gain of 30 dB. Gain response is ±2.0 dB (max), noise figure is 3.75 dB (typ), power output is +18 dBm at the 1 dB compression point and input/output SWR is 2.0. Other options include drop-in-style packages, alternate gains and temperature compensation. Units can be customized to meet individual requirements.
JCA Technology Inc., Camarillo, CA (805) 455-9888.

15 W High Power Amplifier
This CDMA high power amplifier covers the entire PCS transmit band of 1930 to 1990 MHz with an average CDMA power level of 15 W. Designed specifically for base station or tower-top mountings, the amplifier has a baseplate temperature range of -30° to +65°C. Circulator protection is provided for transmission into any load mismatch, and the amplifier meets all specifications over a DC input range of 24 to 26 V DC. Monitor lines are provided for over-temperature, over-current, SWR and device failure status. Size: 8.00" x 8.00" x 1.25".
MPD Technologies Inc., Hauppauge, NY (516) 231-1400.

Solid-state Linear RF Power Amplifier
The model GRF2034NL RF power amplifier designed for linear applications in the PCS frequency range utilizes linear power devices that provide good linearity, high gain and wide dynamic range. High efficiency operation is achieved by employing unique microstrip networks and advanced GaAs FET devices. Designed for high reliability, the power amplifier features a built-in, voltage-regulated bias supply and electromagnetic and RF interference filters.
Ophir RF, Los Angeles, CA (310) 306-5556.

Ultrabroadband Amplifiers
The QGU series ultrabroadband pHEMT-based general-purpose amplifiers offer nominal gains of 20 and 40 dB with nominal output power of 17 dBm across the entire K- and Ka- frequency bands. Each amplifier has internal bias circuitry that generates gate control voltages and provides proper voltage sequencing and reverse/over-voltage protection from a single external bias of 8 to 12 V DC. The amplifiers are well suited for very wide bandwidth power amplification. K-female connector input/output ports are included, but standard rectangular waveguide (K- and Ka-band) and double-ridge waveguide (18 to 40 GHz) connectors also are available.
QuinStar Technology Inc., Torrance, CA (310) 320-1111.

High Density Forward Path Amplifier
The RF Worx™ forward path amplifier is designed to optimize space utilization and enhance system flexibility in high density broadband networks. The amplifier can be housed in an RF Worx chassis that combines active and passive components or can operate as a stand-alone active platform. In addition to standard 100/110 and 220/240 V AC power, the amplifier offers an optional -48 V DC power supply that meets the specifications required for telephony deployment. Other features include digitally variable gain and slope control, low noise, good distortion characteristics, and flat frequency response.
ADC Telecommunications Inc., Minneapolis, MN (800) 366-3891 or (612) 938-8080.