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To extend the use of handheld spectrum analyzers into the millimeter wave bands, OML developed the portable mixer series, MxxHxDC. The harmonic mixers in the series are designed to attach to a handheld spectrum analyzer, such as Keysight Technologies’ FieldFox. The mixer uses the tracking generator in the spectrum analyzer as the LO source and taps into 5 V from the analyzer’s built-in DC supply. The mixer enables a “one box” solution for portable field measurements for applications such as backhaul radio, automotive radar and WiGig. Three versions of the MxxHxDC are available, for waveguide bands WR-12 (60 to 90 GHz), WR-15 (50 to 75 GHz) and WR-10 (75 to 110 GHz).

The M12H6DC model covers the 60 to 90 GHz RF band and down-converts to an IF output between DC and 2 GHz. The spectrum analyzer’s tracking generator is set between 9.92 and 14.92 GHz, with the sixth harmonic used for the LO. The M12H6DC’s conversion factor is typically −6 dB with the IF at 500 MHz. Typical noise figure is 26 dB, which includes the IF amplifier, and the output 1 dB compression point is typically −5 dBm, with a maximum input power drive of +20 dBm. The extender uses a WR-12 waveguide interface for the RF signal and SMA female connectors for the LO and IF. The extender draws a maximum of 250 mA from the spectrum analyzer’s 5 V supply. The operating temperature range is +20°C to +30°C.

The MxxHxDC portable mixer series from OML is the first truly portable measurement system that extends the measurement capabilities of handheld spectrum analyzers into the millimeter wave bands. 

Morgan Hill, Calif.