Würth Elektronik eiSos Group selected Digi-Key Electronics to be this year’s recipient of its Global Distribution Award. Representatives of the Group’s American subsidiary, Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc., presented the award during a visit to the Digi-Key headquarters in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Along with acknowledging the company’s commercial success, the award was given in appreciation of the speed at which the globally active distributor brings new products and technologies of Würth Elektronik eiSos to market.

Digi-Key has been selling the electronic and electromechanical components, bearing the red WE logo, for almost ten years and is the second time the company has received the prestigious award. The award took the form of ‘Henry’, a green crocodile made entirely using Würth Elektronik plug-in connectors.

Tom Busher, Vice President of Global IP&E at Digi-Key, said: “Würth Elektronik sets high standards and requirements for their distributors. We are honored to be recognized for exceeding Würth Elektronik’s high standards and offering the best service for our mutual customer base. The Henry distribution award is representative of Würth Elektronik’s high quality and diverse products and we are pleased to have earned this award once again.”

Lars Fahrbach, team manager responsible for global distribution and new markets at Würth Elektronik, added: “Our motto ‘more than you expect’ has become embedded in the DNA of our distributors, and Digi-Key, in particular, has demonstrated its special commitment to customer orientation. The company is an excellent ambassador for the Group as a whole in the marketplaces it serves, providing the customers with highly specialized services when it comes to the uses in which our product innovations can be put.”