Products from Syfer Technology, a brand of Knowles, will now be available globally from Minnesota based, Digi-Key Electronics.  Digi-Key are a worldwide full-service provider of both design and production quantities of electronic components from a range of quality name-brand manufacturers. 

Commenting on the appointment, Knowles Capacitors vice president of Sales and Marketing Steve Butcher, said, “We are delighted to be working with Digi-Key to bring the Knowles (Syfer) product range to an expanded audience of designers and users.  The combination of Digi-Key service and Knowles products offers a terrific combination for our customers.”  

Tom Busher, VP of Global I P & E at Digi-Key added, “We are pleased to have the opportunity to add Knowles (Syfer) innovative application-specific capacitors to our diverse line card. Now engineers and customers anywhere can create designs and products with high-quality components suitable for their demanding applications.”

Knowles (Syfer) products are of the highest quality, utilizing superior materials that span from volume products to high reliability, and from mil spec to space level. The company has led the industry over the years with leading technical advances like FlexiCap™ and StackiCap™ and have also developed a successful Planar Capacitor Array and EMI filter product line. With a history traceable back to Erie Electronics in the 1960s, Syfer is a global leader in Capacitor products, EMI filters and EMC solutions. The company was later acquired by the Dover Corp. and is now part of The Knowles Corporation, a recent spin-off from Dover. The brand is a constituent part of Knowles along with DLI, Novacap and Voltronics.