Cree has added four new gallium nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) to its product portfolio at Digi-Key, the sole distributor for Cree RF components. Respectively based on Cree’s high power density 50V, 0.25μm and 0.4μm GaN on silicon carbide (SiC) foundry processes, the new X-Band and S-Band components exhibit high efficiency, high power gain, and wide bandwidth capabilities and are ideal for use in a broad range of civil, military, and government radar applications, such as: weather monitoring, marine radar, air traffic control, maritime vessel traffic control, port security, defense tracking, and vehicle speed detection. 

Designed for use in 7.9–9.6GHz X-Band radar amplifier systems, the newly stocked 50W CGHV96050F2 and 100W CGHV96100F2 50?internally matched field effect transistors (FETs) provide several performance benefits over comparable silicon (Si) or gallium arsenide (GaAs) components, including: higher power added efficiency, breakdown voltage, saturated electron drift velocity, and thermal conductivity. Supplied in metal/ceramic flange packages for optimal electrical and thermal performance, both new X-Band devices also offer greater power density and wider bandwidths than GaAs transistors. 

Designed for use in 2.9–3.5GHz S-Band radar amplifier systems, the newly stocked 150W CGHV35150 and 400W CGHV35400F, both of which are specified at 85°C case, exhibit uniform performance at high temperatures and feature considerably smaller footprints than competing GaAs or Si RF technology, enabling enhanced design flexibility. Both S-Band devices can be supplied in metal/ceramic flange packages and the 150W components are also available in pill packages. 

Large signal models are available at Agilent ADS and AWR Microwave, and all four aforementioned GaN HEMT devices and their corresponding test boards are currently available at Digi-Key for order and delivery. For more information or to purchase these products, please visit the following links CGHV96050F2, CGHV96100F2, CGHV35150, CGHV35400F or call 1-800-344-4539. 

 For all other inquiries, please visit or contact Sarah Miller, Marketing, Cree RF Components, at or 919-407-5302.