Fleet Management Antenna System
The Turtle antenna system contains a dual-band GSM antenna for data and voice communication and a GPS antenna. Designed to provide a link between vehicles and the fleet management system, each multifunctional antenna combines (for example) a GPS module with one or more antennas for other systems. The new line of antennas will allow taxi companies to track vehicles and automatically dispatch the closest driver to a customer's address.
Allgon Mobile Comunications AB, 
Akersberga, Sweden 
+46-8-5408 2200.

Flat-panel Antennas
The models FPA14-MPT1417/169, FPA17-MPT1417V/348 and FPA17-MPT1417H/349 flat-panel antennas for digital applications cover the 1.35 to 1.52 GHz frequency band and can be used for applications requiring up to 500 kHz bandwidth supporting up to 2 Mbps data rates. All three antennas have lower sidelobes than traditional yagi antennas and offer excellent cross-polar performance to ensure resilience to interference from other signals in dense electromagnetic environments. Gain of 17 dBi allows for transmission of high data rates over increased distances. A slim profile of 22 mm is achieved by using a multilayer printed circuit phased-array technology. An offset RF connection point ensures the antennas are installed correctly. Size: 340 mm x 680 mm.
European Antennas Ltd., 
Newmarket, Suffolk, UK 
+44 (0) 1638 731888.

X-band Cassegrain Feed System
The model 9903-800 X-band cassegrain feed horn designed for a shaped, ultra-high efficiency 4 M weather radar antenna covers the 8.0 to 8.4 GHz frequency range. Polarization is LHCP or RHCP and remotely selectable. Gain/noise temperature is 30 dB/K at 10° evaluation.
Seavey Engineering Associates Inc., 
Pembroke, MA 
(781) 829-4740.