Saab has completed a successful two-day seminar in Brussels, Belgium to explore potential co-operation and partnerships with Belgian companies active in the aeronautics sector. This initiative follows a broader outreach initiated by Saab with the Belgian aeronautic industry in the context of the Air Combat Capability Successor Program to which Saab’s Gripen is a candidate.

The seminar was attended by some 40 companies, all experts in their own field, including structural technology, avionics, engineering services and maintenance systems. The large attendance of companies and the interest shown during the seminar were further evidence of the vitality and the diversity of the aeronautic sector in Belgium.

During this two-day session, representatives of Saab have illustrated the different areas of possible cooperation within the Gripen life cycle, including development, production and maintenance.

Over the years, Saab has built its success on mutually beneficial long term partnerships with local players in countries in which it operates. Saab strongly believes in investing in local businesses and industries and sees it as an integral part of its DNA. Its proven track record in industrial co-operation in over 30 countries speaks for itself. It has led to significant transfer of technology programs and job creation.

Striving to maintain its competitiveness, the aeronautic sector holds a key position in Belgium with important know-how and capacity for innovation. The strong involvement of SME’s is an essential part of its success. Saab’s cutting edge technology at the forefront of innovation and its collaboration culture offers sustainable win-win co-operation potential to Belgium industry.