CLF1G0035S-200PRFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for a 200 W CW power transistor from Ampleon. The CLF1G0035S-200P GaN HEMT is usable from DC to 3.5GHz for broadband applications in wireless infrastructure, public mobile radios, jammers and Radar.

The Ampleon CLF1G0035S-200P offers up to 11 dB of associated gain in CW applications or 14 dB of gain in pulsed applications. Operating from a 50 V supply, the transistor draws only 300 mA in class AB configurations with 44% typical efficiency. And, capable of withstanding mismatches up to VSWR = 10:1, the CLF1G0035S-200P shows the excellent ruggedness Ampleon is known for. Rise/fall time is 9 nS.

The CLF1G0035S-200P is offered in an earless Gemini package. A bolt-down version is offered as the CLF1G0035-200P.

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