SAW filter designer Resonant expanded their licensing agreement with an unnamed, "tier one" customer to add three SAW filter designs. This brings the number of designs with this customer to five. Resonant announced the earlier agreement for two filter designs in April 2016.

The new agreement, comprising design acceptance, milestone payments and royalty terms, covers the development and licensing of Resonant’s first integrated module design that incorporates three complex duplexers. The design will be manufactured using wafer level packaging (WLP).

Terry Lingren, CEO and co-founder of Resonant said, “This design, utilizing WLP, will meet both the technical demands and size constraints facing not only our customer, but the mobile device industry as a whole. We believe this design will provide a significant competitive advantage for our customer.”

Resonant says their design IP enables them to use SAW technology for RF designs that have traditionally required BAW (bulk acoustic wave). While most of the industry designs SAW filters using a coupling-of-modes model, Resonant uses circuit models and physical models. Resonant says circuit models are computationally much faster, and physical models are highly accurate because they are based entirely on fundamental material properties and dimensions. Resonant claims their designs can be developed in half the time and manufactured for half the cost of traditional approaches.