Mobile filter start-up Resonant Inc. announced that one of its customers has shipped more than one million pre-production SAW (surface acoustic wave) duplexers, covering three high volume mobile bands, to four handset manufacturers. These are Resonant’s first pre-production shipments, resulting from a licensing agreement signed in May 2016.

Resonant’s customer is a SAW filter manufacturer that has not played in the mobile market; if one or more of the duplexers are designed into a handset, Resonant will have enabled their unnamed customer to enter a new market.

The three duplexers were designed with Resonant's proprietary design platform, Infinite Synthesized Network (ISN®). Resonant claims ISN enables a filter to be developed in half the time and for half the cost of historic design methods, often enabling a standard SAW or temperature-compensated SAW (TC-SAW) filter to replace a more expensive BAW (bulk acoustic wave) filter.

Resonate’s business model is based on generating royalty revenue from designs that enter production. The company currently has six customers and is developing various filters for 26 sockets. None have entered production, and these duplexers are the first to reach pre-production volumes.

“Shipping these pre-production parts represents one of the last steps before commercial acceptance of our designs, as we transition from a development-stage company into a product-focused licensor with recurring royalty revenue,” said George B. Holmes, CEO of Resonant. “We believe these initial shipments will represent modest revenue in mass production later this year, they nonetheless validate our capabilities to convert 'ISN Ready' designs into production within 9 to 12 months of signing a license agreement.”

Resonant Presentation to Investors

Resonant Pre-Production Shipment Presentation by speedybits on Scribd