For far too long, the process of repairing or upgrading a concealment tower has been made even more challenging by the radome surrounding the antennas and equipment.

Inflexible structures need to be fully removed to access the tower infrastructure. Meanwhile, the bolts connecting each piece are unwieldy to manage – especially at high heights and in inclement weather. Crews spend hours hoisting radome sections up and down, and try to align tricky bolt openings. Often times, all bolts are not fastened properly or in many cases not even installed, leaving the concealment radomes at risk.

Engineers at STEALTH, the inventors of wireless concealment, have solved those problems with the new RadomeFlex™. Made of StealthSkin™, STEALTH’s flexible and durable plastic -- and with reinforced seams, the radome leaves are fastened together with a revolutionary, easy-to-use strapping method, reducing the need for precise alignment during installation. RF performance also remains high using the market-tested material for which STEALTH is known.

RadomeFlex allows crews to “peel back” the radome leaves and easily access the equipment inside. And the RadomeFlex also allows the concealment circumference to expand slightly, reducing field fit issues.

“We took a long, hard look at all the pain points that crews encountered with installation and maintenance of radomes,” said STEALTH CEO, Sean McLernon. “And then we worked to check every one off the list. With RadomeFlex, crews can leave the radome in place, get to work quickly and efficiently, and finish the job in record time.”

To learn more about how RadomeFlex can speed up the installation and/or maintenance process of concealed towers, visit or call 1-800-755-0689.