The airport full body scanner market is projected to reach USD 118.2 Million by 2021, registering a CAGR of 8.40%. A number of factors, such as easy availability of smaller robust components, rising concern for airport security, and growth in passenger traffic worldwide will drive the growth of the airport full body scanner market.

The millimeter radio-wave scanner is used in the international airports globally. The market is absent in the Middle East region due to privacy issues concerned with revealing images of passengers while screening. Whereas, the North America and the Europe regions have larger market shares in this segment. 

Europe is expected to show higher growth rate as compared to the Asia-Pacific region in the active millimeter wave scanner market. This is due to the non-emission of x-rays by the device that is harmful for the human body in the long term. The backscatter x-ray scanner is banned in the European region as the device can cause several malfunctions in the human body if used for screening.

The Class A airport market is expected to witness the highest growth during the review period 2016-2021. The full body scanners are currently only installed in the international airports globally. The Class A airport is estimated to hold the largest share among all the airport classes. This largest share is due to large number of installations in this airport class. As the passenger traffic is heavy in this airport class, it is a necessity to install high tech security equipment such as a full body scanner.

The North American region is expected to show the highest growth in the airport full body scanner market during the period 2016-2021. North America is one of the fastest growing markets for airport full body scanners considering the advancements in airports. This region has the highest number of international airports as compared to any other region where installation of full body scanners is a prerequisite.

This region is a leading manufacturer of security scanners, such as millimeter radio-wave scanner and backscatter x-ray scanner, and therefore, the demand for security scanners is huge at international airports, which has led to the rise in demand for airport full body scanner.

The major players in this market have been identified to be:

  1. B/E Aerospace (U.S.), 
  2. Zodiac Aerospace S.A. (France), 
  3. Cobham Plc (U.K.)
  4. Technodinamika (Russia).

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