Anaren_Bridges_the_gap_PR_PhotoLeading global solid-state solutions provider with technical expertise to support system development in emerging RF markets

Richardson RFPD Inc. announced the availability of a selection of Anaren devices for RF energy applications.

RF energy refers to the emerging technology that uses an all solid-state semiconductor chain to generate RF power for heating and processing. Today, magnetron tubes are the primary technology employed for these applications. The benefits of solid-state RF energy over magnetron tubes include a lower-voltage drive, smaller form factor, and greatly-enhanced reliability, agility and precision.

Emerging global RF energy applications focus on the 2.4 GHz market and range from industrial, scientific and medical applications like drying textiles or paper pulp and noninvasive medical treatments and imaging, to consumer microwave ovens and automotive spark ignition applications.

Richardson RFPD offers deep technical expertise to support customers that are developing RF energy solutions and systems.

“As the leading global solid-state RF component and solutions provider, Richardson RFPD is in a unique position to help companies develop their own systems and bring them to market,” stated Mark Vitellaro, Director of Strategic Marketing, Richardson RFPD. “We are excited about the Anaren RF energy family of products, because they enable multiple architectures and allow end-users to have a tailor-made solution for their application, which is critical in this early stage of development.”

Richardson RFPD’s portfolio of products for global 2.4 GHz RF energy applications includes this selection of couplers and terminations from Anaren:

  • XEC24P3-30G: Pico-sized, 300W, 30 dB directional coupler
  • XEC24E3-03G: E-sized, 300W, 3dB/90-degree hybrid coupler
  • XEC24A6-03G: A-sized, 600W, 3dB/90-degree hybrid coupler
  • G300N50W4: 300W, 50 Ohm flange-mount termination

Anaren is a member of the RF Energy Alliance, as are several other Richardson RFPD suppliers, including HUBER+SUHNER and MACOM. The RF Energy Alliance is a non-profit technical association comprised of companies dedicated to realizing solid-state RF energy’s potential as a clean, highly efficient and controllable heat and power source.

To find more information or to purchase these products today online, please visit the XEC24P3-30G, XEC24E3-03G, XEC24A6-03G and G300N50W4 webpages. The devices are also available by calling 1-800-737-6937.

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