ETL Systems, a global designer and manufacturer of RF distribution equipment for satellite communications, will showcase new RF and microwave technologies at 2016’s International Microwave Symposium in San Francisco, Calif. May 22-27.

New technologies on display will include ETL’s range of products for Global Positioning System (GPS) and the broader Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) applications. The new range includes outdoor and indoor GPS over Fibre and GPS Splitter units, which provide a reliable method for distributing GPS timing signals from a single antenna.

As well as a wireless camera/microphone Fibre extender Outdoor Unit for broadcast applications, other new components on show at ETL’s booth will be the Scorpion Mounting Chassis with new Variable Gain Line Amplifiers, a range of broadband microwave components including PIN Diode switches and passive splitters, custom Ku and X-band Filters and ultra-compact custom Frequency Converters.

Alongside the new products will be ETL’s tried and tested technology, including the StingRay RF over Fibre, now also available as a standalone module, a range of outdoor components units including amplifiers and the ODU Ku-band Passive Splitter/Combiner. A selection of the company’s rack mountable RF distribution solutions including switch matrix/routers, variable gain amplifiers and RF over Fibre chassis will also be showcased.

ETL Systems is recognised internationally for its innovation and expertise, thanks to its dedicated in-house RF and test engineers who specialise in custom-made solutions. Dr. Esen Bayar, Chief Technology Officer at ETL Systems, will be among ETL representatives at IMS to demonstrate the range of products and highlight ETL’s quarter of a century of experience in designing award-winning RF equipment.

Visitors to 2016’s International Microwave Symposium can discover more about ETL Systems’ range of solutions at Booth 717.

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Demonstrations at IMS 2016

New:ETL Systems’ StingRay ODU GPS & Wireless Extender RF Over Fibre’s new range of GPS Over Fibre & Wireless Camera/Microphone Fibre extender Outdoor Units (ODU) are housed in IP65 rated weatherproof enclosures with full monitoring capabilities. All GNSS frequency bands are covered for the GPS module and the Camera/Microphone extender accepts RF inputs from 50 to 2450 MHz, making it a very versatile for different frequency band inputs. 




 New:ETL Systems’ Custom RF and Microwave Filters

Custom FiltersETL is able to offer custom RF and Microwave filters for 50Ω or 75Ω impedances and various connector types. The company can supply cavity bandpass filters working within a frequency range of 100 MHz to 40 GHz and also microstrip filters, including suspended substrate technologies, for broadband performances covering frequencies within DC to 20 GHz. The typical fields of application include: telecom infrastructure, satellite systems, microwave links, test and instrumentation, cellular applications, military communications and radar networks.



ETL Systems Scorpion Passive Component Mounting System 

Chassis FullThe new components mounting system offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective and compact system for ETL's Scorpion range of passive L-band splitter/combiner components. This 1U 19" chassis is designed to accommodate ETL's 2, 4, and 8-way passive splitter/combiner modules. It is designed to utilise standard 19” mounting systems to allow compact, neat mounting of RF components.


New:ETL Systems’ Scorpion Mounting Chassis with Variable Gain Line Amplifiers


ETL is increasing its popular range of Scorpion compatible modules from the core range of passive splitter/combiners to include a range of Variable Gain Line Amplifiers. The amplifier modules are settable in 1 dB gain steps via a conveniently located DIP switch on the front panel. Selected models have external powering available on the rear of the modules. Each Scorpion chassis can hold up to 8 amplifier modules or a mix of amplifiers and passive splitter/combiners as required.


New:ETL Systems’ Custom Compact Frequency Converters a custom design project, ETL is now expanding its Compact Frequency Converter range. Recent new models have been produced at Ku, Ka & X-band output frequencies for block up & block down converter applications. With L band input frequencies these products can be customised and include internal reference oscillators with high stability and low phase noise characteristics. Products are aimed at satcoms and point to point microwave communications links where small lightweight solutions are required. 


New:ETL Systems’ Broadband Microwave Components


Broadband Microwave Components including PIN Diode switches and passive splitters covering 0.5 to 18 GHz, and new 1-40 GHz passive splitters and coupler products. The switches are offered in multi-way formats and are absorptive in low profile housings with SMA connectors. Applications include; Test equipment, radars, satcoms and EW systems. 


ETL Systems’ Outdoor Unit (ODU) amplifiers 


DSC_0169 croppedETL’s new ODU amplifiers offer increased durability for outdoor use coupled with high performance. This inline powered, fixed gain amplifier chassis features a high, 1dB  gain compression point, low noise figure and an IP65-rated weatherproof enclosure for use on teleports, video head-ends and TVRO.



ETL Systems’ StingRay RF Over Fibre Standalone Modules


Building on existing RF expertise, the new range provides a unique design for high isolation applications.

“This is the most compact unit of its kind on the market, capable of fitting the greatest number of hot-swap transmit and receive fibre modules in the smallest space,” said Dr Esen Bayar, Technical Director of ETL Systems. “We have focused on excellent module-to-module isolation and this StingRay fibre chassis helps satellite teleports with transition distances up to 10km.”

The compact, EMC-sealed standalone unit is ideal for single fibre inter-facility links and fixed feeds where no remote control is required. 



ETL Systems’ Outdoor Unit (ODU) Splitters/ Combiners 

A new range of splitters and combiners to cover the Ku-band and S-band frequency range will be available to view at IMS 2016. The new ODU splitters/combiners can be mounted directly to an antenna or outdoor system, have a high temperature range and require no other weatherproof chassis in order to function outdoors.