Skyworks 75 ohm switches serving Set Top Box (STB)RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for two Skyworks 75 ohm switches serving set top box (STB) applications. The SKY13547-490LF and SKY13548-385LF SPDT switches support both forward and reverse path applications for DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 with a frequency range of 5 to 1800 MHz.

High linearity typifies these switches as well as low insertion loss (0.3 dB for the SKY13547-490LF and 0.4 dB for the SKY13548-385LF) and high input and output return loss of 20 dB.

The SKY13547-490LF is offered in a 2 x 2 mm package while the Skyworks SKY13548-385LF is provided in a smaller, 1 x 1 mm package.

These devices can also be used for terrestrial and cable set-top box, cable modem and home gateway, personal video recorder (PVR) and digital video recorder (DVR) applications.

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