Berkeley Nucleonics, a leading signal generator manufacturer, offers RF signal generator and microwave signal generators and signal sources for a wide range of applications.

New benchtop or modular signal sources for component or system test will improve speed and performance. Some common applications for our Microwave/RF Signal Generators include cellular communications component and system test, WiFi, WiMAX, GPS, audio and video broadcasting, satellite communications, radar and electronic warfare.

RF and microwave signal generators in this line have many similar features and capabilities, making training and test setups faster. However, they are differentiated by frequency range to give users the ability to select high resolution at the most significant frequency ranges. RF signal generators typically range from a few kHz to 6 GHz, while microwave signal generators cover a much wider frequencies. (from <1 MHz to >20 GHz, for example). For special applications, we can offer custom solutions up to 70 GHz with direct coaxial output or >100GHz with external waveguide source modules.

RF and microwave signal generators can be classified further as analog or vector signal generators. There is a lot to consider and we value the opportunity to look at your specific needs. Feel free to contact us by email or open a chat window.

Berkeley Nucleonics offers a system for signal source analysis unmatched in performance at a terrific value. These benchtop, self-contained instruments allow analysis of different modes of noise, spectrum and transient signals. The 7000 Series allows users to make both residual and absolute noise measurements from 5 MHz to 26.5 GHz. Our units are complete instruments with user interface, power, packaging and optional add-ons. Users can work with internal or external references using a two-channel cross-correlation engine for maximum dynamic range. The 7000 Series requires minimal training on the GUI and installation can be done in a few minutes.

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