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The EDPLO-4000 series phase-locked dielectric resonator oscillator (PLDRO) from Exodus Dynamics externally locks to a 10 MHz reference to achieve crystal stability up to millimeter wave frequencies. Frequency coverage is from 30 MHz to 50 GHz, and the low profile and rugged construction of the RoHS-compliant design provides excellent durability against harsh environments due to shock, vibration, temperature and humidity.

The EDPLO-4000 series oscillator comprises an ultra-low noise amplifier with series feedback at the source and a dielectric resonator at the gate. High gain, low noise GaAs FETs or silicon BJTs are matched and biased precisely to ensure minimum phase noise and compensated to achieve the optimum negative resistance and maximum temperature stability. Cascaded low noise driver and power amplifiers buffer the oscillator stage to minimize load-pulling and provide output power up to +25 dBm. The PLDRO includes internal voltage regulation to protect from voltage transients and reverse bias, as well as reducing bias modulation and frequency pushing.

The active devices and all chip components are directly attached to gold-plated Kovar carriers to minimize shear and maximize heat transfer from the active devices. The Kovar carriers are mounted to the chassis to provide an efficient thermal junction and a stable structure that reduces microphonics. To ensure oscillator stability over the −55° to +105°C operating temperature range, the tuning elements are precisely designed and positioned to compensate for temperature variation — reducing drift by 3´. The EDPLO-4000 series incorporates a proprietary phase-locked loop (PLL), which is assembled with the internal multiplier using surface-mount technology. The construction of the PLL sub-assembly is unique, providing excellent temperature stability and minimizing solder joints for maximum reliability.

Exodus Dynamics
Poway, Calif.