Phase Locked Oscillator Series: EDPLO-3030

pic12Exodus Dynamics introduces the EDPLO-3030 series phase locked oscillator. The highly stable internally phase locked PLDRO is manufactured in a 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.65" low profile housing designed to meet harsh environments. The EDPLO-3030 series cover single frequencies of 30 MHz to 50 GHz with an output power up to +25 dBm. The units are single biased with +12 VDC generating a frequency stability of +/-0.2 ppm over -40° to +70°C.

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Phase-Locked Dielectric Resonator Oscillator: EDPLO-4000 Series

4M40ProdImgx250The EDPLO-4000 series phase-locked dielectric resonator oscillator (PLDRO) from Exodus Dynamics externally locks to a 10 MHz reference to achieve crystal stability up to millimeter wave frequencies. Frequency coverage is from 30 MHz to 50 GHz, and the low profile and rugged construction of the RoHS-compliant design provides excellent durability against harsh environments due to shock, vibration, temperature and humidity.

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Free Running Dielectric Resonator Oscillator: EDRO-1000 Series

EDRO-1000 PictureThe EDRO-1000 series dielectric resonator oscillator (DRO) utilizes advanced MIC and MMIC technology to generate precise, reliable and ultra-low noise frequency at microwave and mmWave bands up to 40 GHz. The uni-package is designed to mechanically withstand harsh environmental conditions due to shock/vibration, temperature and humidity. The devices are carefully matched for maximum power, minimum phase noise and voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR).

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Dual Frequency Phase Locked DRO: EDPLO-2200 Series

IMG_4514Exodus Dynamics, a world leader in microwave and mm-wave phase locked DROs, introduces EDPLO-2200 series ultra low noise, dual frequency phase locked DRO. The unit locks to a single reference frequency of 30to 200MHz and generates two single frequencies from 100 MHz to 45 GHz.EDPLO-2200 uses a single supply of +12 or +15 VDC, with an output power up to +25 dBm at -40 to +85°C operating temperature.

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