Anritsu Co. introduces software packages for its all-in-one Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C that support LTE-Advanced UE Downlink (DL) 4x4 MIMO and Downlink Carrier Aggregation (DL CA) 5CCs. The new software packages further strengthen the test functionality of the MT8821C and help create a single-instrument solution that can speed time to market and lower test costs of LTE-Advanced chipsets, smartphones, tablets and M2M modules used in IoT applications.

The release of the new software packages continues the leadership position of the MT8821C and Anritsu’s commitment to develop test solutions for advanced designs. Anritsu was the first to support evaluation of LTE-Advanced DL 4CCs 2x2 MIMO UE when it introduced DL CA 4CCs measurement software for the Radio Communications Analyzer last year. 

When the MT8821C, configured for LTE-Advanced DL CA 2CCs 2x2 MIMO, has the new LTE 4x4 MIMO DL software and previously released IP Data Transfer software installed, it can conduct all-in-one tests of RF TRx performance and IP data transfer on LTE-Advanced DL CA 2CCs 4x4 MIMO UE and chipsets.

The new LTE-Advanced DL CA 5CCs software has been developed for the MT8821C when configured for LTE-Advanced DL CA 4CCs and featuring Anritsu’s proprietary ParallelphoneTM measurement hardware. All-in-one tests of RF TRx performance for LTE-Advanced DL CA 5CCs SISO UE and chipsets are supported with this configuration.

In addition to supporting evaluation of LTE 4x4 MIMO DL and LTE-Advanced DL CA 5CCs UE, the software packages have a Throughput Monitor function that allows the MT8821C to display physical throughput in real time. Additionally, the LTE IP Data Transfer software enhances the IP data application so the iperf command can be conveniently executed via the analyzer’s easy-to-use GUI. This functionality greatly simplifies conducting key measurements.

Enhanced VoLTE Test Capability

Anritsu also releases a new version of the MX882164C VoLTE Echoback software so the MT8821C now supports additional voice codecs, including AMR Wideband (AMR-WB) and AMR Narrowband (AMR-NB). With the enhanced software installed, the Radio Communication Analyzer supports all 3GPP-specified codec rates for AMR-WB and AMR-NB, as well as Video Echoback, for comprehensive VoLTE Power Consumption testing.

The all-in-one MT8821C operates as a base station simulator using standard call processing sequences compliant with test standards to support RF parametric tests through to UE functional and performance tests. Overall operation is improved by the enhanced next-generation GUI and easy-to-use large panel that permit one-touch switching between grouped/individual graph lists and results outline/detail displays. Efficiency is further improved by a parameter search function, bookmarking capability for commonly used parameters, and the ability to set test parameters using one-touch button operation.

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