Anritsu Co. announces support for LTE-A 3 Carrier Aggregation (3CA) Carrier Acceptance Test (CAT) requirements at two additional major North American carriers, building on the first announcement of 3CA support for a third carrier in September. The additional coverage is based on the ME7834LA system, and overall coverage now includes exclusive capability for 3CA data performance with two of the three carriers. Achievement of this offering positions Anritsu as the first test manufacturer to provide 3CA support to three large North American carriers.

Anritsu’s 3CA offerings in the ME7834LA build on first-to-market capability for 3CA Cat. 9 (450 MB/s downlink) in the MD8430A Signaling Tester, first announced in November 2014. The MD8430A is used as a central component to enable simulation of networks with up to three carriers with MIMO and fading. 

“Anritsu is committed to developing test solutions for the entire mobile ecosystem so the benefits of LTE-A CA, including increased data rates, can be realized. This will help ensure consumers have the best customer experience for a multitude of data applications and use cases. The ME7834LA is part of our core wireless solutions portfolio designed to address the needs of operators, device makers, and chipset manufacturers,” said Paul Innis, VP and General Manager of Anritsu America Sales Region.

The ME7834LA is a scalable GCF, PTCRB, and carrier-validated test system that enables certification of 3G and LTE devices to industry and carrier standards. The ME7834LA provides test coverage for 3GPP 36.523 as well as a wide portfolio of CAT test plans across multiple operators. For existing users of the ME7834L platform, an upgrade path is available with support for new 3CA, as well as legacy test cases.

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