The Microwave Vision Group (MVG), a world leader in anechoic and shielded chamber solutions, and Amplifier Research (AR), the RF/microwave instrumentation powerhouse, have teamed up to present their combined EMC TurnKey Solutions at EMV in Düsseldorf, Germany from 23 to 25 February.

Aware that companies need more than just individual products to support their EMC testing, MVG and AR have partnered to combine their expertise and portfolio. Together, they provide turnkey solutions to cover the full spectrum of EMC needs.

In terms of products, they manufacture everything from high power RF EMC amplifiers, antennas, software and accessories, to shielded anechoic chambers, shielded rooms and absorbers that enable testing of large Units Under Test (UUT) for automobile, aerospace and military applications.

In terms of expertise, MVG and AR work together as one trusted advisor that understands their clients’ specific testing goals, delivers them with a reliable solution and ensures final compliance. Added to that, they offer a worldwide service and support network.