e2v’s latest ultra-wideband Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), EV12DS400, has been selected by ApisSys for its AF209 board, creating the most powerful, software defined microwave device to date in the tiny FMC form factor, it is claimed.

Advanced data converter technology from e2v has been utilized in the new AF209 plug and play board launched by ApisSys, the first signal generation board capable of generating signals at a frequency of up to 7 GHz, with an instantaneous bandwidth above 2 GHz.

Customers can harness the potential of the EV12DS400 DAC, launched by e2v earlier this month (November 2015), on the newly released board from ApisSys without having to develop hardware themselves. The AF209 is capable of generating multiple microwave frequency bands straight from the output of the e2v DAC, making it ideal for test and measurement, radar transmitter, electronic warfare and Software Defined Radio applications.

The release of the AF209 comes shortly after ApisSys registered for early access to the EV12DS400 DAC from e2v. Richard Gibbs, president of e2v Semiconductors, commented, “Working closely with ApisSys, we are pleased to be able to offer our latest microwave capable DAC and the embedded board to market simultaneously.”

Xavier Bernard, President of ApisSys, said, “This new product demonstrates how our strong relationship with e2v enables us to continuously bring market leading products to the embedded market. We are proud to continue our strong and productive collaboration with e2v to offer the best of their data converter technology within our C-Band capable microwave generating FMC format board.”