Three e2v space grade data converter families have been awarded QMLV certification from the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The QMLV space certification will make it even easier for global space programs to adopt e2v’s world leading data converters. The certification, awarded to one Analog-to-Digital (ADC) and two Digital-to-Analog (DAC) families, reduces the amount of time and investment required by customers to test these e2v products.

Richard Gibbs, president of e2v Semiconductors, said, “QMLV product listing is becoming more and more important to our customers as it significantly reduces their testing time. The certification of these products shows our commitment to the space industry and contributes towards the building of a comprehensive QML semiconductor portfolio.”

With over 3,000 e2v data converter flight models currently in space, the ability to reduce customer testing time by almost 50 percent will further expand e2v’s semiconductor space presence. The newly certified products are all true single core devices, providing outstanding linearity and microwave capability for software defined RF systems in space. Suitable applications for these data converters include satellite communications, SAR imaging, GNSS navigation satellites and other forms of scientific space-borne instruments.

The QMLV listing of these parts, in addition to the QMLV ratings of e2v’s manufacturing facilities in France and the United States, reinforces e2v’s commitment to the space market. e2v played a significant role in defining the recently released QMLY certification, working closely with NASA, and these particular ADCs and DACs already appear on the European Space Agency’s preferred parts list.