Anokiwave Inc., an innovative company providing highly integrated core IC solutions for mmW and AESA markets, and ATE Systems, a technology innovator and premier developer of mmW test systems, announced the development of a multi-port mmW test station for characterization of Anokiwave’s portfolio of Silicon Core IC solutions. Anokiwave selected ATE Systems to develop this unique test capability that features fully automated calibration for scalar power, s-parameter, and noise figure measurements for devices having up to 14 RF ports over temperature, as a solution to the complex test requirements of the highly integrated, multi-function ICs.
“Multiport full vector analysis is critical for testing our complex multi-channel Core ICs,” states Robert Donahue, Anokiwave CEO. “Anokiwave’s Core IC solutions will revolutionize multiple markets with affordable AESA solutions. This mmW market revolution requires test systems that provide the highest levels of performance with reduced test time and unprecedented cost savings. Anokiwave and ATE Systems are poised to embrace this market shift.”
“Anokiwave is defining the state-of-the-art in high-performance microwave and millimeter wave ICs, and ATE Systems is proud to be providing the test systems they need to meet their market demands,” added Brad Cole, president of ATE Systems.
Providing a new and unique approach to multi-port RF testing, the ATE Systems AD01800 test station, capable of mmW testing up to 40GHz, enhances test accuracy and productivity. The system connects directly to a network analyzer, manages the complex signal routing and calibration of the RF ports, thus providing a significant reduction in both calibration and test times. The new capability allows Anokiwave to quickly characterize the ICs as well as run pilot-production test from its mmW laboratory.
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