With wireless LTE network deployments accelerating across Europe, CommScope has opened a new antenna manufacturing facility that will more quickly satisfy customers’ needs.

The CommScope facility in Brno, Czech Republic will produce base station antennas for wireless operators across Europe, significantly reducing lead times before delivery. The quicker deliveries will help Europe’s network operators meet aggressive LTE deployment schedules as they race to deliver enhanced service to subscribers. LTE uses new frequency bands and technologies that must be supported in network infrastructure such as base station antennas.

“The state-of-the-art antennas from our new Brno facility will make LTE and LTE-Advanced deployments easier and faster to achieve for European customers,” said Phil Sorsky, vice president, Sales, Europe, CommScope. “Network operators can count on CommScope to provide them with world-class wireless solutions in a timely manner.”

The antenna production lines are capable of producing up to 60,000 antennas the first year with enough capacity to more than double that production amount in year two. CommScope expects the facility to have more than 500 employees once fully staffed.

Base station antennas serve a critical role in wireless networks as the last stop on the RF path, communicating between the network and subscriber mobile devices. To achieve optimal performance for LTE, wireless network operators need high-performing antennas that sculpt signal patterns tightly. CommScope antennas deliver superior sector sculpting performance that minimize interference and enhance network performance.