JADAK, a manufacturer of machine vision, radio-frequency identification (RFID) and  bar code scanning products for health care and life science industries, has developed three new technologies designed to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) solve health care scanning, inspection and tracking challenges. They will be on display and available for the first time at the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Atlanta, July 26-30.

JADAK’s HS-2R is the world's first cordless Bluetooth RFID reader and linear (1D) and matrix (2D) bar code scanner designed specifically for health care; Clarity is a new machine vision software package providing an easy-to-use interface for machine vision application development; and the FM-5Z is a high-speed, accurate 1D bar code scanner for carousel and manual rack-feed applications. Like all JADAK offerings, the new solutions can be optimized to meet specific customer needs and requirements.

JADAK will also showcase its real-time chart recorder and thermal printer technology. General Scanning Printer Technologies recently became part of JADAK, allowing JADAK to develop and sell printing solutions for time-based data logging.

“JADAK is known as a leader for best-in-class data collection platforms and service solutions with world-class engineering resources,” said David Miller, president of JADAK. “With the addition of the HS-2R, Clarity, FM-5Z, chart recorders and thermal printers to the JADAK portfolio, we continue our commitment to providing embedded technologies that help the health care industry improve overall care. Our products can help increase accuracy in both laboratory and clinical testing settings, reduce medical errors, improve patient safety and raise the efficiency of health care across a broad spectrum of applications and procedures.”

HS-2R Bluetooth HF RFID Reader

As the use of RFID technology continues to expand for reagent tracking, anti-counterfeiting and other real-time traceability measures, the HS-2R hand scanner is built with flexibility to help today’s medical technicians improve workflows and easily adapt as technology changes. The dual-function Bluetooth HS-2R hand scanner reads and writes to high-frequency (HF) RFID tags (13.56 megahertz), supporting a wide range of HF standards. It uses area-imaging technology to read all popular 1D and 2D bar codes and improves scan performance on damaged bar codes. The HS-2R's highly durable design protects the device in demanding medical applications. It is ideal for point of care, blood tracking, drug inventory, reagent scanning, surgical part tracking and more.

Clarity Machine Vision Software

Leveraging 15 years of JADAK’s machine vision experience in the health care field, Clarity Machine Vision software is an engineering development tool that provides an easy-to-use interface for developing machine vision applications. Unlike other development tools that require a separate PC to be part of the final machine vision solution, Clarity machine vision logic can be downloaded directly to all of JADAK's fixed-mount and handheld camera-based products. Running Clarity directly within the product eliminates the need for a PC embedded in a medical device, saving premium space and reducing the device’s overall footprint.

FM-5Z Fixed-Mount Bar Code Scanner

Unlike other high-speed linear bar code scanners that use lasers or charge-coupled devices, the FM-5Z Fixed-Mount Bar Code Scanner uses area-imaging technology for accurate, high-speed 1D bar code reading with motion tolerance up to 584 centimeters (230 inches) per second. The area-imaging technology also enables 2D bar code reading and optional image analysis capabilities using Clarity Machine Vision software. Made of solid-state electronics, the FM-5Z is free of moving parts that can break, come out of alignment or wear, which suits the FM-5Z for OEM devices, such as clinical analyzers, life science equipment, robotic systems and kiosks.

Celera Motion, a developer of high-precision micro encoders and motors for motion control applications, will join JADAK in booth 3159 at the Clinical Lab Expo. JADAK and Celera are owned by GSI Group and work extensively with medical device OEMs.

Held in the Georgia World Congress Center, the AACC Clinical Lab Expo is the leading event for laboratory medicine worldwide. At this meeting, breakthrough innovations in clinical testing and patient care are introduced to the health care world, and attendees can hear about vital research and important changes in the field and discover cutting-edge diagnostic technology.

Attendees are invited to stop by booth 3159 to talk to the JADAK team and learn more about the company’s technology.

For more information, visit www.jadaktech.com