For more than three years, Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Fridolfing/Bavaria, Germany has been engaged in the field of telematics and M2M communication. The main focus has been on development and manufacturing of hardware devices. However, to be able to provide customers, in future, with complete systems consisting of both hardware and software, Rosenberger has taken shares in the telematic company CE+, located in Timelkam, Austria.

Rosenberger contributes mainly its design, engineering, manufacturing and sales activities around the globe to the partnership. CE+ is already well-established in the market with a number of successful telematics projects and a fully developed software and service platform. Thus, CE+ and Rosenberger will be able, as a system supplier, to provide specific solutions to customers from a single source.

CE+ was established in 2008 and has focused, up to now, on the design and development of an industry-specific service platform for its autonomous telematics system. This enables positioning, tracking and sensing of various objects, e.g., vehicles, machines or containers.

Dr. Tosja Zywietz, CEO Rosenberger, and Christian Meschnig, CEO CE+ agreed that, "We already cooperate in several projects and are very confident that the common market presence will open up new opportunities for both partner companies.”