Radio Frequency and Electromagnetics Exchange (RFEMX) announces its opening at IMS2015. Jean-Jacques DeLisle, MSEE, is founding RFEMX as a technical writing and media content creation organization with expertise in the RF, IoT, and EW industries. From feature articles to technical papers, RFEMX offers an engineer's expertise and a writers flare to conveying technical content with authority.

Fields Of Expertise:
RF, Microwave, & Millimeter-wave Technology
Telecommunications Technology
Wireless Standards/Technology, IoT, & M2M
Electronic Warfare, Signal Intelligence, & Radar

Core Competencies Include:
Technical Writing & Trends Analysis
Feature Articles & Press Releases
Application Notes & White Papers
Product Reviews & Product Trends Analysis
Interviews, Q&As, & FAQs
Technical Proposals, Papers, & Patents

"I have seen a need with many organizations within the RF, IoT, and EW industries struggling to convey their expertise or offerings." Said Jean-Jacques DeLisle, Principle of RFEMX. "My goal is to provide an objective and expert perspective to technical writing and media creation for these industries. I believe that strong technical content can be a huge differentiating factor for organizations in our industries fighting to reach their target audiences. Lastly, I am excited to open my company for business in service to our industry and hope to provide value to your organization soon."