TRAK_MFC146_PRModel MFC146 from Smiths Interconnect’s TRAK Microwave brand is a dual band block downconverter (BDC) covering the Ku band segments of 10.7-11.7 GHz and 11.7-12.75 GHz. IF outputs for the two bands are 950 to 1950 MHz and 1100 to 1250 MHz, with overall gain of 18 to 22 dB, maximum noise figure (NF) of 13.5 dB (<9 dB typical), better than -95 dBc/Hz phase noise performance, less than -90 dBc spurious and maximum group delay variation of ±1 ns.

DC Power inputs are +7.5 VDC and ±12 VDC and a 10 MHz, -5 to +10 dBm external reference is required. A compact ruggedized enclosure makes it ideal for Ku band VSAT applications such as in-flight entertainment systems and UAV communications. It includes digital band selection and built-in test (BIT) and is offered as EAR99 with no export limitations.

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