After years as a consumer of distributed LO amplifiers, Marki Microwave has recently built a design capability for GaAs pHEMT distributed amplifiers specifically for use as LO buffer/driver amps. The initial production release of these MMIC amplifiers is the ADM-0126MSM, a broadband LO driver amplifier suitable for driving L, M, and I diode mixers with +17 dBm typical power from 1 to 26.5 GHz. Additionally, in saturated mode the amplifier can be used as a square wave LO amplifier for driving the T3 mixer series.

The ADM-0126MSM offers convenience with integrated bias tees in a 4 mm QFN package compatible with standard surface mount reflow soldering techniques. It can be biased with a positive 5-8 volt bias at 90 mA, or operated more efficiently with an optional -0.2 volt bias to reduce the supply to 75 mA of current.

Applications for the ADM-0126MSM include LO buffer amplification, clock distribution, and general purpose signal amplification for electronic warfare and test and measurement applications. It is recommended for all new designs with competitive pricing, and a connectorized module test board is available. 

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