Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, has announced a new addition to its InvisiLine™ small-form antenna (SFA) product family, designed to minimize visual impact by allowing better integration into any urban environment. The new SFA04-W800 E-band antennais one of the most discreet E-band (80 GHz) microwave antennas ever developed. Its light weight, compact design, multi-band capabilities and low-profile aesthetics make the SFA04-W800 ideal for small cell, front haul and traditional backhaul systems.

The SFA04-W800 small form antenna features 0.4 ft. (122 mm) reflector dimensions and a 0.5 ft. (166 mm) radome diameter, making it the smallest E-band antenna on the market today. Its compact size means it is visually unobtrusive in any landscape, easing zoning complexity and simplifying installation. At just 11 lbs. (5 kg), the SFA04-W800 is much easier to install and align than 1- or 2-ft. antennas. Its robust mounting system and large beamwidth – more than double that of larger antennas – provides for superior stability. RFS has performed rigorous wind tunnel testing to ensure the durability of the SFA04-W800, which can withstand winds up to 320 km/hour (nearly 200 mph).                               

“This addition to our InvisiLine family of small form antennas offers a new and exceptional solution to the challenges of small cell backhaul, with the versatility to also serve front haul and traditional short-haul requirements,” said Emmanuel Saint-Dizier, global product manager, RFS. “Its performance and aesthetics solve many of the issues operators face when trying to meet evolving wireless standards today and into the future, while blending well into its surroundings.”

The new InvisiLine SFA provides excellent electrical performance and should be compatible with 50% of E-band links currently deployed globally. The SFA04-W800 antenna operates at 71-86 GHz frequencies and meets ETSI Class 3 standards, the most stringent the industry requires.