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Cree has extended its family of 50 V discrete GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMT) with three new die products: a 320 W transistor, usable to 4 GHz; and 75 and 20 W devices, usable to 6 GHz. These three new products join two others – with 170 and 40 W output – to comprise the only 50 V GaN HEMT die product portfolio on the market.

The 320 W device is the industry’s highest power 50 V GaN die product available. It typically provides 19 dB small-signal gain with 65 percent power-added efficiency at 4 GHz. The 20, 40, 75 and 170 W devices in the family operate to 6 GHz, with typical performance of 17 dB small-signal gain and 60 percent power-added efficiency. At 4 GHz, the devices deliver 18 dB small-signal gain with 65 percent power-added efficiency.

All devices in the family are fabricated with Cree’s 0.4 μm, 50 V process and offer hybrid amplifier designers higher gain, efficiency and power density with wide instantaneous bandwidth. With its high breakdown voltage, thermal conductivity and saturated electron drift velocity, GaN is an effective alternative to silicon (Si) and gallium arsenide (GaAs). The 50 V product family is suitable for various market applications, including two-way private radio, broadband amplifiers, cellular infrastructure, test instrumentation, tactical and satellite communication and industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) amplifiers.

Cree’s GaN HEMT die are supplied in Gel-Pak® Vacuum Release™ trays, a non-tacky membrane that immobilizes the components to ensure damage-free transportation and storage.

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