Hilco Streambank has been retained as the exclusive agent for purposes of marketing and selling the intellectual property portfolio (the “assets”) of Auriga Measurement Systems LLC (the “company”). The company recently ceased operations and is in the process of selling off its assets. The assets include patents, patent applications, SBIR rights, considerable technical design, testing and measurement data, prototype devices, and proof of concept models. These Assets relate to technology in Radio Frequency (RF) power amplifiers (PA), LNA (Low Noise Amplifiers), high-power switches, and several other categories, described below. Upon execution of a confidentiality agreement interested parties will be admitted to an online data room to view further diligence information.
Founded in 2004, Auriga Measurement Systems LLC (dba Auriga Microwave for the past several years) was formed by uniting Agilent Technologies' east coast Component Test Systems group, ATN’s device and component measurements systems organization and ACCO USA's device and component modeling and characterization teams. By acquiring the IP and exclusive licensing from these companies, and combining its operations, the newly formed Auriga team built on solid customer relationships and referral business to successfully launch the Company with a seamless test, measurement, characterization and design business in the very
challenging RF space specializing in gallium nitride (GaN) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) technologies. Auriga's founders have been engaged in solving the most complex and challenging design, modeling, measurement, and device characterization problems in the RF microwave market, becoming a leader in optimizing GaN and GaAs designs across a broad frequency spectrum of, typically, high-power RF applications.
Some of the Auriga teams' influential industry contributions include:
  • First solid-state electronic tuner for noise parameter and power load-pull measurements
  • First to develop on-wafer precision noise parameter and load-pull measurements
  • First to offer full DC and RF pulsed modeling and characterization services on customer devices
  • Tajima-Hsu Model - widely adopted GaAs device model for the compound semiconductor GaAs industry developed by Auriga’s CTO, Yusuke Tajima
  • First in providing fully-automated solid-state and mechanical hybrid load-pull and noise parameter test systems for both on-wafer and package devices
  • One of the first test system integration houses to design, develop and ship Synthetic Instruments-based manufacturing test systems for T/R module tests, covering 1 to50  GHz, CW and pulsed measurement capability
  • More than 20 patent-pending or patents created by Auriga personnel
Auriga worked with the industry’s most sophisticated technology in designing high-powered RF and microwave devices. The company designed, manufactured, and delivered, balanced solutions. Prime contractors and the DoD, in particular, turned to Auriga when multiple, concurrent challenging technical requirements needed to be met, e.g., when efficiency, bandwidth, linearity and size all need to be optimized. As evidence to this, Auriga was awarded eleven (11) SBIR Phase I’s and seven (7) Phase II’s (and beyond), and received over $8M in government funding over the last 6 years. SBIR stands for Small Business Innovative Research, with the emphasis being on innovative, leading-edge technology. In addition the company received approx. $4 million in R&D type contracts from the private sector. The company has accumulated a portfolio of 20 issued or pending patents.
Currently the company is selling its IP portfolio.
  • Red Sox - high data rate signals by maintaining very high efficiency over a wide dynamic range with a large instantaneous bandwidth at high power.
  • Auriga SMART™ - a component-based, adaptive technology, which provides peak power, maximum efficiency, and improved linearity.
  • Revolutions / Linearity - linearity enhancement technology.
  • LNAs (Low-Noise Amplifiers) - LNA monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) and modules capable of operating overa wide range of temperatures, including cryogenic.
  • Envelope tracking (ET) - RF PA design in which the power supply voltage applied to the PA is continuously adjusted to ensure
  • that the PA is operating at peak efficiency at each instant of transmission.
In addition to these five (5) highlighted solutions the company had also developed other technologies which are described in the ‘Additional Technology.’ These additional technologies include other patents and additional SBIR rights. 
Parties with further interest in the opportunity can execute an NDA for access to assembled diligence materials. The diligence period will be through May 15, 2015. A virtual data room will be made available to interested parties. Expressions of interest should be submitted by May 15, 2015. Further instructions regarding submission of an expression of interest will be provided upon request.
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