Auriga Microwave, an international leader in designing and manufacturing innovative RF/microwave solutions, announced the release of their next generation TR module test system, CTS-4.

Even faster than its predecessor, CTS-4 now features Auriga WIDE™, Auriga’s Wizard-based Integrated Development Environment. Auriga WIDE makes even the most complex measurement processes easy to script, eliminating the requirement for specialized programmers.

“With Auriga WIDE, we’re able to give test engineers, who don’t necessarily have software programming experience, the ability to write scripts, with an easy-to-use wizard that can fully utilize the tremendous capabilities of our multi-state test platform,” said Larry Smith, Auriga’s Director of Custom Systems. Smith continued, “Auriga WIDE offers a full script editor for total flexibility, so the user is not limited to a fixed measurement structure. This is an incredibly powerful tool for those developing complex multi-state measurements.” 

Already known for its speed, flexibility and accuracy, this 4th generation system dramatically extends Auriga’s leadership in TR module test systems.