Supporting the Microwave Vision Group’s (MVG) vision to bring all products together under one strong brand, Satimo Industries, the manufacturing division of Satimo’s ‘multiprobe’ technology for fast, accurate measurement and visualisation of electromagnetic fields, will begin to operate under the new name, MVG Industries, effective immediately. 

Commenting on the renaming to MVG Industries, Arnaud Gandois, chief executive officer MVG Industries said, “The renaming of Satimo to MVG has already commenced, and coincides with our global vision to bring MVG’s products together under one strong brand. Our name is what differentiates us in a competitive market place. It reflects MVG’s drive to use our many years expertise to continue to develop and deliver highly innovative products of the best quality.”  
There will be no change to existing operations and registration numbers will remain the same. Customers and suppliers will each receive a letter advising them of the name change and highlighting subtle branding changes they will see in all future correspondence.