Anite has signed a memorandum of understanding with China Telecommunication Technology Labs - Terminals (CTTL-Terminals) – an organisation administered by the China Academy of Telecommunication Research – with the aim of collaborating to progress development of cutting-edge MIMO Over-The-Air (OTA) testing methodologies and solutions.

Under this agreement the parties will collaborate to develop MIMO OTA methodologies for Carrier Aggregation MIMO OTA, 3D MIMO OTA testing, virtual drive MIMO OTA testing, MIMO OTA with multi-cell handover and interference, as well as device-to-device testing.

Paul Beaver, products director at Anite said, “We are delighted to be collaborating with CTTL-Terminals to accelerate MIMO OTA testing. As a recognised technology pioneer and active contributor to the technology standards in the field of radio channel modelling and emulation, Anite is uniquely positioned to help its customers achieve their product performance goals.”

The collaboration will make use of Anite’s Propsim channel emulators for advanced MIMO OTA testing to help device manufacturers and mobile operators verify the actual performance of future mobile devices. In MIMO OTA testing, a channel emulator creates realistic RF conditions within an anechoic or a reverberation chamber where the MIMO capable device is tested without any connected cables. The development of MIMO OTA systems will also help Chinese operators in their device selection process by enabling efficient benchmarking of MIMO capable products, further enhancing end-user experience.

CTTL-Terminals will benefit from Anite’s future-proof Propsim F32 channel emulator which is claimed to offer more than twice the emulation capacity compared to other products on the market. This makes it a cost-effective, integrated test solution for verifying the actual performance of Carrier Aggregation capable LTE-Advanced devices. Anite’s channel emulators are already compliant with CTIA, CCSA, 3GPP and major mobile operator acceptance test plans.

A leading laboratory in the Chinese mobile ecosystem, CTTL-Terminals works closely with manufacturers based in China and local Chinese mobile operators. Guo Lin, director of OTA Lab at CTTL-Terminals commented, “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Anite to progress development of MIMO OTA testing solutions, helping mobile operators verify and benchmark the actual performance of devices before market introduction.”