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The 9800QT is a quick-turn high performance OCXO that is designed for space qualified applications where fast delivery (as short as four weeks) is critical to the program’s success. Available in 50 and 100 MHz versions, the 9800QT features a standard 12 V power supply and is pcb mounted with a compact size of 1.33" ×1.33" ×1.33".

It is an ultra-miniature ovenized crystal oscillator that provides a high stability VHF sine wave output. The use of hybrid circuitry facilitates the greatest possible reduction in size without compromises in performance or reliability.

NASA Approved Standards

Assembly is performed by skilled operators certified to NASA approved workmanship standards. Hybrid circuits are produced at facilities qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 and all discrete components are manufactured and tested to S-level (space-qualified) standards.

The ruggedized 9800QT features an SC-cut quartz resonator and sustaining electronics that are controlled at a precise temperature to achieve temperature insensitive performance, excellent phase noise and aging characteristics. This allows it to meet the challenges of military or space specifications for time and frequency standards, even under adverse environmental conditions.

Simplified Design

The 9800QT combines spectral purity and long-term stability. Tight initial accuracy with low aging and temperature coefficient yield a low EOL frequency deviation, which simplifies system design.

Lead times are four weeks for engineering models and 12 weeks for flight models.

Microsemi Corp.
Beverly, Mass.