Three-Dimensional Electroformed Micro-StructureMetrigraphics announced it has developed an advanced process for creating high aspect ratio three-dimensional microstructures.

Precision electroforming can create three-dimensional, single or complex, multi-layer microstructures. Geometric options are unlimited because the X, Y, Z structural plane of each layer is formed by a photoresist image. Such structures may be freestanding or connected to comb-like supports to facilitate handling or fixture mounting.

Electroformed structures can include micro nozzles, slits, micro screen, micro mesh, encoder disks, embossing tools, and more. Applications employing electroformed microstructures include microfluidics, biological lab-on-chip base structures, and liquid display processing.

Product manufacturers interested in learning whether Metrigraphics’ advanced electroforming micro structure capabilities are suitable for their application should visit the product page to learn more and download the tech brief.