Extreme Resolution Micro Flex (ERMF) CircuitsMetrigraphics announces the capability to develop Extreme Resolution Micro Flex (ERMF) Circuits for medical sensor applications, including various in body and fluid sensors.
Using additive photolithographic processes, ERMF circuits can be manufactured with traces and spaces as small as 5µm. They can also be delivered in complex, high-resolution shapes and patterns. These are produced with very thin layers of sputtered metal or thicker plated metal such as gold or copper. Traces as narrow as 3µm may be achievable for some designs.
Metrigraphics offers both single and multilayer ERMF circuits. Applications for single-layer circuits include invasive medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics.
Multilayer circuits include additional conductive layers that are independently stacked, aligned and interconnected. Plated conductive vias connect the different layers as required. Metrigraphics offers via sizes down to 25µm diameter.