Mixed Signal Integration has developed a new series of switched capacitor filter ICs operating at center/corner frequencies of 5 MHz and beyond – the MSVHFS1-6 series.

  • A switched capacitor filter design that reduces the need for external components
  • Requires only decoupling capacitors and an external CMOS level clock
  • Single +3V supply

These selectable high frequency filter ICs offer a choice of responses:  

  • Six pole Butterworth response
  • Six pole Elliptic response
  • Six pole  Bessel response
  • Six pole full octave response
  • Six pole one third octave response
  • Six pole one sixth octave response 

The high frequency operation of this series opens up a new range of applications previously unavailable to lower performance parts, such as IF filter, data communications, telecommunications, and clock recovery.

In communications systems, for example, these filters extend the response beyond typical baseband applications to roles in the IF section. The frequency range of the MSVHFS1-6 is popular in wireless alarm systems and wireless telephones, allowing them to function as luminance filters for video demodulation. In addition, these high order filter ICs have much steeper roll-off and greater stop-band rejection than passive component approaches or low order op-amp based solutions.