TDK Corp. announces the new EPCOS duplexer for LTE Band 1, which at 60 dB features very high isolation for both the Tx and Rx paths.  Based on SAW technology, the B8651duplexer has a miniature footprint of just 1.8 mm x 1.4 mm.

Based on very good separation of the Tx and Rx signals, the new EPCOS duplexer can be combined with power-saving envelope tracking power amplifiers without any additional prefiltering.  This significantly simplifies design of the front end, leading to major cost benefits.  A further advantage of the new duplexer is its low insertion loss of only 1.9 dB in the Tx path, which leads to a further power saving and therefore longer battery operating life.  Applications are smartphones, tablets and LTE USB sticks for notebooks. 

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