API Technologies Corp., a leading provider of high performance RF/microwave, power and security solutions for critical and high-reliability applications, now offers high-performance, custom semi-rigid coaxial cable assemblies that have a voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of less than 1.5:1 with frequencies ranging from 5 to 50 GHz.

Using next generation software modeling and 3D printing technology, API Technologies can quickly and cost effectively create custom fixtures to suit customers’ specific requirements.

Jason Russolese, director of Global Sales and Marketing, Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions (EIS), API Technologies said, “By molding the cable around the fixture created in SOLIDWORKS, we can quickly construct the ideal cable to meet customers’ specifications. This innovative approach enables us to create shapes not possible on a computer numerical control (CNC) coax bending machine.”

These custom cable assemblies are ideal for use in military, aerospace, high-end industrial, oil and gas, as well as medical applications.

Technical Specifications

  •  VSWR of less than 1.5:1
  •  Frequencies ranging from 5 GHz to 50 GHz
  •  Insertion loss less than 1db below 50 GHz

API Technologies’ EIS line of products include EMI filters and interconnects, ceramic capacitors, specialty connectors and cabling, power filters and film modules, as well as a line of magnetics. To learn more about the API Technologies’ EIS product lines, please visit http://eis.apitech.com, call 1-888-553-7531 or email eissales@apitech.com.