Molex Inc. will showcase its flexible microwave cable assemblies at the International Microwave Symposium, June 1 – 6, Tampa Bay, FL, Booth 508.  The assemblies replace stiff, semi-rigid assemblies with a combination of Temp-Flex® coaxial cables and high-performance radio frequency (RF) connectors.  They offer excellent electrical properties, and are assembled using a proprietary technique that minimizes Voltage Standing Wave Ratio and insertion loss for a complete end-to-end interconnect solution.

 “Semi-rigid assemblies can suffer performance degradation and a shortened life-span when they are bent to fit into today’s smaller modules.  By bringing together our flexible cable capabilities with our advanced RF connector termination expertise, Molex delivers a product that can easily be installed into virtually any size device, while still providing superior electrical performance and remaining competitively priced,” said Darren Schauer, product manager, Molex.

 Offering the ultimate in design flexibility, the assemblies are available in a wide range of standard and custom options and comply with both U.S. and European standards, making them ideal for general market device manufacturers in applications such as communications, radar, military vehicles, missile, RF ablation and test and measurement equipment.   They are also easier to install than semi-rigid assemblies and provide greater reliability, reducing downtime and delivering cost savings.

 The cables come standard with silver-plated conductors, fluoropolymer (FEP) dielectric, double shields and FEP jacket.  The solid-core, low-loss version uses proprietary low-loss FEP dielectric with 70% velocity of propagation (VOP) while the air-dielectric ultra-low-loss version use a unique air-enhanced design with up to 87% VOP.  The cable impedance of 50 +/- 1 Ohms provides consistent electrical performance while the helically wrapped foil covered by a braided shield offers 100 dB or greater shielding effectiveness and protects signals from internal and external interference.

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